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Dec. 02 / 2014
Peninsula choke I amconcerned with the access and egress from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

Not only due to the amount of traffic now, but that land development and extra housing should not have been allowed by the Auckland Council until a solution to the mainly two lane roading in and out of the peninsula, which in an emergency would have dire consequences for the area.

The Hibiscus Coast does not seem to get the funding nor the attention to the roading and traffic problems from the Auckland Council.

For residents this is a top priority and our rates payments should be reflecting input from the council in this area.

It is beyond belief that the extra parking for the Silverdale bus station would also be deferred.

If the council wants traffic off the roads then this also should be a priority.

Thanks must go to the efforts of the developers of Fairway Bay for their assistance in getting the council to realise the necessity to improve the Gulf Harbour ferry service.

Perhaps subsidies could be given to regular commuters who have switched from roading to avail of this service.

So, on the one hand we read of cuts to necessary improvements in roading for the peninsula, then read the new council computer system has a blowout of up to $100 million.

I would suggest a Hibiscus Coast resident puts up his or her hand for the mayoral race very early.

We can all get behind the campaign and bring responsible governing for our region and Auckland as a whole.

More accountability has to be given for actions by the new super-city councillors and mayor.

We didn’t ask for this nor deserve to be swept under the carpet either.

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