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Jumping a great summer activity

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Feb. 05 / 2015
Audience:Vaughan and Warren climb the ladder at Hobbs Wharf with a group of onlookers.
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Jumping off wharfs and cliffs into water around Hibiscus Coast has entertained young people for years. Chief reporter CaraliseTrayes hits some of the top jumping spots with two who know the insand-outs of social diving.

Why is jumping so popular? Warren: Jumping is especially popular with those between 13 and 25 years old.

It’s a summer activity that’s more adventurous than just going to the beach.

Vaughan: There’s always a cool atmosphere and you meet so many random people that like doing the same things as you. The adrenaline rush is good too.

Why do you do it? Warren: I like jumping from heights and the adrenaline.

Vaughan: It’s the splash I like.

What makes a good jump site? Warren: Not much wind, lots of sun and big heights.

Vaughan: The height and location – the accessibility.

What types of jumps are there? Warren: Acrobatics, like the back flip, front flip, suicide back flip and gainer.

Vaughan: Bombs, like the gorilla, cannon, manu, mangere and staple. And there’s dives like the pencil, penguin and ‘Pocahontas’.

❚ Little Manly cliffs ‘‘The water’s not that deep so you have to go at high tide. It can be dangerous if there is a big swell,’’ Warren says.

Vaughan says the site provides a variety of jumps from different heights. ‘‘You can jump from the cliff near the car park, off a tree, there’s a swing or you can jump from lower down the cliff.’’ The site is quite secluded and is mainly used by locals.

– The car park is off South Ave, Little Manly.

❚ Hobbs Wharf ‘‘You can jump from this spot at any tide, that’s why it’s so popular,’’ Vaughan says.

‘‘Jumpers are encouraged to use the wharf with the ladder provided, it’s made just for swimmers.’’ Warren says the cafe on site provides a good spot for parents to buy drinks and snacks while watching their kids swim.

‘‘Because it’s in the marina there isn’t really a current or swell which means it is suitable for all ages and is more popular with the younger kids.’’ – Just off The Anchorage in Gulf Harbour.

❚ The Cove, Red Beach ‘‘It’s secluded and hidden and you can only jump during high tide,’’ Warren says.
Vaughan says the spot has a swing, rocks and tree to leap from.

‘‘The swell can be pretty ruthless at this spot so it’s more for confident swimmers. But it’s a good hangout spot and I’ve seen people having picnics on the rocks watching others jump.’’ – Walk around the rocks at the northern end of Red Beach, or around the rocks from the southern end of Orewa. You can also get there via Pinewoods Holiday Park with permission from owners.

❚ Orewa Wharf ‘‘This spot is easily accessible, there’s the estuary walkway nearby, the skate park and cafe,’’ Vaughan says.

‘‘There’s usually heaps of kids and out-of-towners jumping as there’s a ladder and varying heights to jump from.’’ Warren says there’s usually a friendly atmosphere with so many jumpers using the wharf.

‘‘But you do need to be aware of the current as it can get pretty strong, especially on an outgoing tide,’’ Warren says.

It’s safe to jump between mid to high tide.

‘‘And with the Hibiscus Coast Highway right alongside it you know you’ve always got an audience,’’ Vaughan says.

❚ Other popular jumps include the old Wilson Cement Works in Warkworth on Wilson Rd, and the rope swing at Swan Cove just off Swann Beach Rd.

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