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Increased ferry services to Gulf Harbour looking positive

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Dec. 06 / 2013
Additional ferry services to Gulf Harbour look likely to be introduced in the New Year. Fairway Bay understands that from March 2014, a new timetable with 12 sailings per day will be introduced.

The Fairway Bay development in Gulf Harbour has been spearheading this campaign, by collecting survey information through a variety of channels to determine whether there is demand for more sailings in Gulf Harbour.

Development Consultant Michael Webb-Speight says that over 600 responses Ferry Survey have been received by Fairway Bay, which has been published in newspapers, online and handed out on public transport and at the Hobbs Wharf Markets.

“The results have shown a very clear trend giving firm evidence to Auckland Transport that the increased service would be viable. Auckland Transport now has the data they need to put together the business case for more Gulf Harbour ferry sailings.”

Once complete this business case will be put forward to the Auckland Transport board and NZTA for approval.

CEO Sean Pan is happy to see real progress being made in this area. “Every person commuting by ferry means one less car on the road, and this is good for all commuters – especially anyone travelling on the rush hour Whangaparaoa Peninsula route.”

If you’d like to have your say the questionnaire is available online at