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Hobbs Wharf Market: Every Sunday in Gulf Harbour

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Apr. 08 / 2014
Great food, coffee, live music, children’s entertainment!

Auckland’s most exciting housing development now has a Sunday that promises a fabulous day out for the entire family.

Named after the family that originally farmed the area and who gave their name to the adjacent bay, the Hobbs Wharf Market is set amid a stunning backdrop in Fairway Bay, Gulf Harbour.

A visit to discover what the fuss is all about turned out to be a rewarding and entertaining experience. Close to the marina and built around colourful shipping containers that contrast beautifully with the white shell grounds, the market is as festive as it is healthy.

There’s something for everyone. The high-quality stalls offer fresh produce(some of it grown on the premises), artisan breads, cakes, jewellery, food, pickles, preserves, cheeses, bacon, nuts, olive oils, finger food, mussel fritters, paua fritters, bacon butties, Bowen massage, pet accessories, Turkish breads dips, real American brownies, NZ gifts, quality arts and crafts, garden furniture, pies and ice cream.

The accent is on freshness and local supplies. Live music keeps things humming along, and there is plenty of children’s entertainment including a bouncy castle and jetty diving.

A mature pohutukawa by the harbour provides shelter and shade for a family picnic area. Plus, when the Fairway Bay Marina is ready, boat owners will be able to come up and park right next to the café and market.

“The market will be the hub that brings together everyone in this growing community,”market manager Angela Gallagher says.”Run by passionate people, it is a great place to meet and make friends over breakfast or brunch at the Market Café.’

Michael Webb-Speight, development consultant, Fairway Bay, says Hobbs Wharf Market is likely to see around 50,000 visitors over a 12-month period. Not bad for a market that just six months old.

For more information Freephone 0800 HOBBSWHARF(4622794) or visit or

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