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Have your say on new proposed ferry timetable

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Jun. 17 / 2014

Catching a ferry from Gulf Harbour to Auckland for work or study will become more appealing and practical with the number of sailings increasing to 12 a day.

People are invited to have a say on the proposed timetable for the extra sailings, which will increase at peak times and include two sailings in the middle of the day.

The increase comes after Fairway Bay developers in Gulf Harbour did a survey last year with results showing a demand for the service.

Auckland Transport wants to hear from both current and potential users if the sailing times would work for them, its public transport services manager Mark Lambert says.

Ferry operator 360 Discovery Cruises will hand out fliers for passengers and thousands of questionnaires will be mail-dropped over the next week.

A growth in passenger numbers has been noticed as the motorway system into Auckland is becoming increasingly congested, 360 Discovery Cruises manager James Bailey says.

“It’s only 50 minutes by ferry from Gulf Harbour to the city, which is a lot less than the driving time from many suburbs,” Bailey says.

The new timetable could start next month, subject to consultation.

Visit gulfharbourferry to view the proposed timetable and give feedback.

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