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Halloween brings out the ghouls

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Nov. 07 / 2013

Hundreds of children participated in Halloween events, proving it’s not a dying fad although looking dead and finding graves on front lawns featured at Riverhead’s Fright Night.

“We had many fantastic costumes and face painted faces,” organiser Rachael Parkinson says. “The Dickson family came as zombies, but we had lots of non scary kids too. A group of young aerobic instructors danced their way around the streets.”

The township had a record number of 36 scare houses and safe houses, Rachael says. “It was great to see the houses dressed up in spider webs, graves and all things scary.”
The best scare house was Fran Heath’s Day of the Dead themed property.

More than lollies were offered with Donna Massey and friends providing icecream tubs, Sonia Oyston serving up mini hamburgers and a sausage sizzle offered at another home.

A big crowd also scared it up for Halloween at Hobbs Wharf Night Market, hailed a success by the Gulf Harbour community with people arriving for an evening of dress-ups, music and lolly scrambles. Firefighters turned over their truck to a horde of witches, wizards, monsters and zombies. Halloween visitor Rosalind Warren says it was the first Halloween evening she and son Jimmy, 5, had attended.

“No doubt some people just want to avoid having to answer the door, but we felt it was great to find a safe environment to enjoy the Halloween night,” Rosalind says.
“Both mum and my grandmother came too – so for us it was a great family night out.”

The event was sponsored by the adjacent Fairway Bay development.
“As we bring more families to the area the demand for this kind of activity will increase – so the markets venue will become more important over time,” chief executive officer Sean Pan says.

Organiser Debbie Morgan says other events include a Christmas shopping night on November 27 and a Christmas carols evening in December.

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