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Gulf Harbour ferry service gets a boost

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Jul. 14 / 2014

The number of daily sailings to and from Gulf Harbour will tripling to keep up with demand in a growing area of Auckland.

Daily sailings to and from Gulf Harbour on Auckland’s North Shore will increase from four to 12.
Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan said there was clear demand from a group of people who had been under-provided for.

There were a thoursand responses from Aucklanders following a public consultation on the new timetable last month.
Ferry rates would stay the same following the implementation of the new timetable, Hannan said.

“This is basically about getting bums on seats.”

He would not say how much it had cost council-owned Auckland Transport to implement the further sailings but did say the Gulf Harbour service was run by private operators and subsidised by Auckland Transport.

If there was not the demand for the additional sailings once they took effect the timetable would be reviewed, he said.

Auckland Transport group manager of public transport Mark Lambert said the response rate to the consultation was pleasing and indicated the high level of community interest in the ferry service.

There was an “overwhelmingly positive” response to the increased number of sailings and 76 per cent of respondents said they would use the ferry more than they did now, Lambert said.

The consultation also showed Aucklanders wanted connecting bus services, ferries on the weekend, cycling options to the ferry terminal and support for carpooling, he said.

Auckland Transport was looking at bus connections at as part of the Hibiscus Coast New Network bus consultation that was currently underway.

The new Gulf Harbour ferry timetable would take effect on July 28.

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