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Gulf Harbour ferry sailings triple

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Jul. 15 / 2014

Auckland commuters using the ferry service to and from Gulf Harbour will soon have more choice.

Daily sailings are being boosted from four to 12 following public consultation – that’s six in each direction.
They’ll start on July 28th.

Auckland Transport says the afternoon sailings from Auckland will be 15 minutes later, after feedback the 4.30pm service was too early.

Spokesman Mark Lambert says Auckland Transport will be monitoring the new timetable to make sure the services are performing and meeting the needs of people using the ferries.

He says the consultation also shows people want connecting bus services, ferries on the weekend, cycling options to the ferry terminal and support for carpooling.

Mr Lambert says the bus connections are being looked at as part of the Hibiscus Coast New Network bus consultation that is currently underway.

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