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Fairway Bay developer makes progress with ferry services

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Dec. 18 / 2013
Data supplied to Auckland Transport by Fairway Bay developer Top Harbour could lead to a decision on improved ferry services between Gulf Harbour and Auckland being made as soon as next month.

Top Harbour’s development consultant Michael Webb-Speight says analysis of the more than 600 responses to its survey showed demand for better services from a wide range of people, including those who currently use the bus only because the ferry timetable is limited to four sailings per day (weekdays), as well as young families and current ferry users.

Mr Webb-Speight says Auckland Transport is working on a business plan with ferry operator Fullers that could see 12 sailings a day introduced on the route by next March, subject to the approval of the business plan by Auckland Transport’s board, and appropriate funding.

He says Auckland Transport anticipates a growth rate of 20 percent per annum on the service if more sailings are introduced.

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