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Weekend ferry survey opens

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Mar. 27 / 2017


A recent Off the Record in Hibiscus Matters’ March 1 paper about the need for weekend ferries from Gulf Harbour to the city caused a lot of comment on social media.

As a result, the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board requested the developers of Fairway Bay, Top Harbour, to conduct a survey, focused on weekend sailings.

Local board chair Julia Parfitt has an upcoming meeting with Auckland Transport (AT), and wants to use the opportunity to present the survey as evidence of the potential demand.

“Whilst it may seem obvious to us, AT needs to see some evidence of demand before they can build a business case around weekend sailings. It is really important for the local community to get engaged in these processes,” Mrs Parfitt says.

Until last year, Top Harbour subsidised the weekday ferry sailings and development consultant Michael Webb-Speight says the company is open to having a conversation with Auckland Transport about supporting weekend sailings in future.

However he says it is impossible to make a commitment until the company has those discussions and knows what any such financial contribution may look like.

To participate, fill out the survey on the Fairway Bay website,

The survey went live on Monday, March 27 and closes on Wednesday, April 12.