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Oct. 01 / 2015

The thorough questioning by the commissioners as they assessed the effects of 4-laning Penlink during the submissions process, at the hearing on September 22-24, was impressive.

The spokesman for the 830 hectare Weiti Block sought accesses off Penlink to the proposed two new beach front towns, where sections valued at $70 million have apparently recently been sold.

Being only 25 minutes from the city and adjacent to superb white sand beaches, Weiti Bay’s development will be rapid after the Millwater and Long Bay subdivisions are full, and Penlink has been completed.

The Dairy Flat motorway interchange is urgently required to provide access for Penlink and the Weiti Block, to stimulate growth in the Dairy Flat/Redvale area and to provide an alternative route via East Coast Bays Rd. It’s also to reduce traffic congestion on the Hibiscus Coast Highway.

An accident there on September 24 had Red Beach streets gridlocked, traffic stationary at the Red Beach Rd traffic lights and Vipond Rd lights. It was still queuing 14kms back along Whangaparaoa Rd in Manly, at 9.30am. Hibiscus Highway traffic modelling has recently degraded the Level of Service (LOS) on that arterial route from D to E for 2016. This adversely affects consent conditions for the development of the Silverdale North business district. About 40 to 50 vehicles quickly pass through the Red Beach Rd traffic lights each morning at each phase, pre-peak time. Because those 50 vehicles cannot pass directly through the free left turn bottleneck into the Hibiscus Coast Highway every five minutes during peak time, queues on Whangaparaoa Rd lengthen and can take two or three hours to clear. The proposed four-laning of Whangaparaoa Rd will not fix this bottleneck into the highway.

By 2021 traffic congestion will make the Hibiscus Coast Highway and Whangaparaoa Rd arterial routes costly, frustrating, dangerous and problematical for all road users. This will adversely affect growth and confidence in the whole area.

Penlink has a benefit/cost ratio of 3.9 out of a possible four points, plus a strong business case.

Obviously expediting the construction of Penlink to enable the diversion of Whangaparaoa’s traffic away onto Penlink is the only cost effective, long-term solution to fix Whangaparaoa and Silverdale’s growth and traffic pollution issues.

Beverley McLeod Red Beach

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