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Parking – Gulf Harbour Ferry Parking Letter to the Editor

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Feb. 17 / 2015
Gary Stewart Gulf Harbour
This is a reply I got back from the Auckland City Council re: parking when catching the ferry from Gulf Harbour to Auckland, and thought it would be nice to let the ferry people know that you can park on the lawn without getting a parking ticket or your car towed away.
The Auckland Council replies:
We acknowledge that the Gulf Harbour car park area has become very popular with additional ferry service coming on line, along with the pressures of the trailer boat and motorhome requirements, particularly over the summer period.
In order to alleviate this, the grassed area you refer to, near the 360 Discovery Cruise Office can be utilised for overflow parking and will not be ticketed by council or Auckland Transport at present. Should there be plans to ticket the area in the future, we will keep both you and the community informed. However, when parking in this area it is important not to impede access to footpaths for pedestrians.