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Friday night ferry trialled

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Apr. 21 / 2015

Friday night A late Friday night ferry service between Gulf Harbour and Auckland is being trialled.

Ferry patronage has risen dramatically at Gulf Harbour.

Almost 14,000 passengers were recorded in March by Auckland Transport, compared with just over 6000 in March 2014.

Similar increases have been achieved since the start of the new timetable last July.

“We have seen a huge rise in patronage for the Gulf Harbour ferry service, so we are putting on a bigger vessel to meet demand,” Auckland Transport says.

Fairway Development consultant Michael WebbSpeight says growth on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula is expected to be significant during the next three years.

“Fairway Bay has generated almost 200 lots over the last 26 months, and there are over 20 houses under construction in our development at present.” A meeting of the ferry user group discussed the challenges of such rapid growth. Bigger boats, more car parking, connecting bus services, and wharf and terminal improvements are on the agenda.

“Many of the challenges we face are a direct result of the rapid growth,” Webb-Speight says. “Adding more sailings and larger boats need to be planned in conjunction with parking and wharf facilities.

These things simply cannot happen overnight.” A late-night Friday service is being trialled, including one on Friday departing Auckland 10.30pm and providing peninsula residents with a chance to prebook and enjoy a night out in the city without the drive home.

Ferry service provider 360 Discovery says with winter coming three vessels will be on peak services.

During May the situation will be re-assessed.

Upgrades of the Auckland Pier 4 pontoon and shelter are planned.

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