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yu ting


Dr Yu Ting is a registered Architect and holds a PHD in Architecture from Tongji University. He is a senior member of the Architectural Society of China.

Amongst other commercial roles, Dr Yu Ting sits as an expert panel member for Shanghai Construction Engineering providing tender evaluation.

Dr Yu Ting is heavily involved in science, research and technology and is a Professor of Engineering. His personal interests include gastronomy, writing, painting, history and fashion.

Dr Yu Ting was awarded the supreme architectural prize by the Chinese Architectural Association as part of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the People’s Republic of China.

Whilst he has won many national and international prizes, Dr Yu Ting is more interested in finding the correct balance between life and work, and to making a contribution to the built form of Shanghai using his skills and expertise.

The scale of our designs range from 1mm to 1km.

Wutopia Lab acknowledges Chinese history and culture both past and present and the role it still plays in society today. At the same time, Wutopia lab is committed to exploring all modern forms of aesthetic, and places huge emphasis on the importance of imagination. Wutopia Lab embraces the broad and diverse range of construction methods available.

Wutopia Lab choose to explore the ideas of Utopia from the perspective that one can only observe and appreciate what is real.

Wutopia Lab is an exciting new architecural pratice that believes the journey has just begun.