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Auckland Mayor committed to Gulf Harbour ferry improvements

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Aug. 21 / 2015

Demonstrating his commitment to an integrated public transport plan, Mayor Len Brown took time out of his busy schedule to address ferry commuters on the 4:45pm service to Gulf Harbour on Tuesday, 18 August.

On board it wasn’t quite business as usual, the Mayor took responsibility for the safety briefing, adding a few more words from the control room. Thereafter, commuters enjoyed the opportunity to voice any concerns or raise issues directly with the Mayor, all of which were well received.

Having experienced the service first-hand, Mayor Brown acknowledged the opportunity for terminal and ferry improvements to both increase capacity and comfort for those travelling between Gulf Harbour and the city.

Noting that the 2013 increase to 12 sailings a day boosted commuter numbers by more than 115 per cent, Mayor Brown had some encouraging views to share.

“It is the greatest way to travel to work on the planet [and] with the ongoing demand, I’m sure there will be more sailings and bigger, faster boats in the future,” said Mayor Brown.

Fairway Bay development consultant Michael Webb-Speight said the Mayor’s enthusiasm and support bodes well for the development of Gulf Harbour and surrounding suburbs.

“With increased sailings and larger boats, combined with improvements to terminal and dock services, the appeal of Gulf Harbour is within reach of more people working in the CBD. With ferries as part of the integrated transport plan, getting the city moving has never looked so good.”

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